Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Beth is interviewed in New York

 Monday was summer - hot and sunny. Tuesday was fall - cool and drizzly. Today is both - this morning grey, this afternoon lovely and bright, with showers of leaves. Autumn in Canada! 

Let's not talk about the debate. I managed half an hour before my stomach was heaving so badly I had to turn it off. A spectacle like no other. Especially appalling because two days ago I made the mistake of writing to my Trump-loving old friend Dan, in New Jersey, assuming the news about Trump's tax returns would be the coup de grâce for him. Absolutely not - he launched into a fulsome defence and, like his idol, an attack on Hunter Biden. When I wrote back with a tiny list of everything wrong with this man, he replied, "Oh lighten up, Beth. Life is short."

The end of one friendship. It's true. Life is short. 

Just did an Arriba class at the Y - a shadow of its former self, so empty and barren, but at least it's there. Today at 3.35, my interview in French will be on Radio Canada. And yesterday, I was checking out the new search engine Ecosia, entered my name, and an interview I'd never seen, done in New York in 2018, popped up. I'd flown in for a production of one of my great-grandfather's plays, and the director interviewed me beforehand. What a nice jacket - one of my best buys from Doubletake. Check it out for everything you want to know about the Jewish Shakespeare, and to see how many different ways Beth can twist her face!

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