Friday, October 2, 2020

the best bartender in Toronto

Very exciting news: a young man of my acquaintance, a certain very tall Sam, has been nominated as the Best Bartender in Toronto. Imagine - he's one of only five nominated in this entire metropolis. He works at a very small bar, so that means quite a concerted effort by his faithful patrons to get him on the list. And you too can vote. So - feel free.

In other news - there's other news?! Someone joked on Twitter that in future, Ph.D. students in History will say, "My thesis deals with October 1 2020, with a bit of overlap on October 2." They'll take it day by day. It's hard to tear away from Twitter, FB, the NYT, wherever news is erupting next. To think, as someone else joked, once there was a scandal on Fox because Obama wore a tan suit.

Since I'm blowing my son's horn, if you don't mind, I will blow mine too, or at least my book's. People still saying nice things. Carole in England, whom I've never met, emailed I’ve just this minute finished reading your superb book, I didn’t want it to end, a total page turner and believe me I read a lot of books ! It was totally engrossing, told with such honesty, heart and openness, well paced and full of beautiful descriptive prose transporting me to the depths of France and the glories of Greece...yum! Your rite of passage really touched me, being of the same age, and made me reflect on my life, the paths we choose at the fork on the road, the self discovery, the repercussions which follow us through our lives and make us who we are. What a life you’ve led, Beth. I had a tear in my eye as it ended; it moved me, particularly your dedication to your family at the end. Loved it. More please.

Thank you so, Carole - you've no idea how much that means. And someone else I've never met wrote, from Vancouver, I finished your book last night - what a wonderful read. It's so beautifully written and thought-provoking. 

But though reading these things brings me joy, none of it means as much as a Best Bartender nomination for my boy. He has the family showman gene, not playing parts but making people laugh and feel comfortable and welcome. It's hard work, and it's a gift. How wonderful that his gift has been recognized. 

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