Wednesday, October 21, 2020

picture ledges save the day

People are saying such nice things about the book, I just might, reluctantly, have to believe them. Debra sent this today: 

God, I loved it, Beth. Wow, can you write. It was a pleasure to dig in with a writer who magically spins her way around a fabulous sentence or paragraph, crafting them so well. And hilarious! I laughed out loud many times. I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends.

Gina wrote, I started reading your book, its wonderful! You’re wonderful. Brave Honest Insightful and Funny. Brava Bella.

And former writing student and friend Pat, whose prose is like poetry:
Finished your book at 5AM this morning .
Had no idea you were so 
Wild and Crazy .
Need I say
In your Youth .

Who knew you weren't always thin ?
Or of your life on the stage (only hinted at before )
Or of your travels ?
But mainly about your amazing time at L'Arche ?
Congrats ! Kudos ! and Mazeltov ! I'm looking forward to the next installment , your next 40 years (be sure to include your Paris Blog )

Thanks to you all. Good thing my friends write beautifully! Not sure about the next 40 years, though, Pat, taking me to 110. 

Pouring and dark this morning, turning into a stunning warm day, the leaves spectacular. A busy day of housework - Dan came to finish the stairs, pictures and explanation to follow. And my dear John had been to Ikea twice to get me picture ledges. Pictures ledges! Found by chance and the answer to my prayers. For years I've had family pix stacked up against a hall wall, intending to find a laborious way to arrange and hang them. And then I discovered pictures ledges! Today John and I put them up.

Heaven: my grandparents, even as small children, my parents and children, others in the family - more to come, they can be rearranged and changed. Here is one of the pictures now on display; visiting my mother in Edmonton in about 1992, my children discovered a party dress and tutu of mine that Mum had kept, and posed. 

Then spent an hour washing plant containers and bringing them in; winterizing is nearly done. Quite a job, just the hardiest, the geraniums and coleus, still to come. No writing work today, except for a pitch to a CBC radio program about the book. Yesterday, I began to dig into my files on my parents and again, had to stop, it was touching too close to home. But that's the job — to touch too close to home. 

To bring the pictures to life.

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