Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election night

7 p.m. I know as soon as I turn on the TV I'll be flung into the pit of wondering and fretting, so I'll wait a bit longer to turn it on. Because we probably won't know for sure for a long time. But the indications are clear - millions and millions of Americans have had enough. 

May the nightmare end. May decency return to that benighted land. And even so, poor Biden - as a NYT columnist wrote today, Why does he want that job??

However, let's make sure he gets it first. 

Monique and her American boyfriend Ron are coming at 8. I'll turn on then. In the meantime ...


  1. I can't look! But texted my son to ask him to give me the returns from time to time, filtered...(He was putting his sons to bed and then settling in with a glass of smokey Islay malt. Maybe I'll just have the whiskey.)

    1. Theresa, I had to turn it off. It's devastating. My Prosecco will go unopened, and I feel sick. Incomprehensible.