Sunday, November 8, 2020

the first day of the rest of your life

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, as we used to say. It really does feel as if everything has changed. After the street celebrations all over the States and the world, people dancing wildly with joy, it's hard to imagine the Repulsives will try to pull tricks to keep Trump in power. Surely it must have shocked them to see how much and how universally he's hated. If even the Murdoch media has backed off, the game is over. Soon he'll be charged for tax evasion in New York, no? There was a funny pic on FB: Hillary visiting Trump, who's in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. "I've brought you some emails to read," she says.

In the meantime, these glorious sunny days continue, at least until Thursday - 20 degrees again today. I decided to go for a long bike ride. As sometimes happens, I felt a twinge of of self-pity that I'd be doing this alone; surely it's more fun à deux. Then I thought about fitting someone else's rhythm and needs into my own and was glad I could just go at my own pace, wherever and whenever I wanted.

I rode down to the lake and then east to the Leslie Street Spit, a long finger of land jutting into Lake Ontario, a good place to see birds and wildlife - coyotes, apparently, though there are coyotes in Cabbagetown too, now - and crowded today. The intense pleasure of the quiet, the sound of the lake and the almost silent rotation of the wheels beneath me - what a magnificent machine the bicycle is! - and above, the big blue sky. Sitting on a beach to eat my ham sandwich. And then a slow journey home, feeling every bounce on my too-hard bike seat. Aching legs now. 

Okay, life resumes. More nice things about the book: 

Anna Ruth: Thank you for the amazing story of a segment of your life. So beautifully, honestly, and insightfully told. I was very disappointed that it was over last night on my Kindle.

Gina: I so admire your honesty, memory and your wild experience! Who knew?!!!! Great read.

Thank you friends. 

Picnic. That's a tugboat on the horizon.

Below, swans in the lake and the metropolis on the horizon. Nice to be far from it, for a bit.

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