Saturday, January 2, 2021

vaccine article in today's Globe

What a joyful start to the new year: my article in the Globe about my father's polio, the Salk vaccine, and the issue of vaccine hesitancy, with a plea to anti-vaxxers. Hope it makes a difference. I'm happy it appeared on a Saturday with other vaccine articles. Just sorry they did not print the photograph to go with it. So I'll share it here.

People have been sending messages since early morning, via email and text and on FB and Twitter. Thanks to you all! As Chris said, There is nothing like scientific experience to gainsay the opinions of those who think they know better through rumour and prejudice. 

I think everyone knows someone who is embracing ignorance and darkness these days. It's a wonderful thing to light candles.

Yes to candles. And as Jason texted, "Great work. Now do more." Yes sir!

Watched a wonderful documentary on NYEve: My Octopus Teacher. How to fall in love with an octopus - turns out it's easy, we viewers do too. Loved it. Highly recommended.

Today, my first piano lesson since March. There will be pain. 

May 2021 bring you health and fulfillment and many steps forward. Much love.


  1. We both read and enjoyed your essay, Beth. John has a certificate declaring him a Polio Pioneer -- he was vaccinated in Calgary, in 1954. He remembers school being closed and children asked to stay inside and laneways being sprayed with some (no doubt toxic) insecticide because no one was quite sure how it was spread. I remember slightly older friends (I was born in 1955) who'd survived polio and I am hugely grateful for the vaccine, which I received in a church basement on the corner of Fairfield Road and Moss Street in Victoria. Am I right in remembering it was given via sugar cube or was that another one? Thank you for writing this and yes, lighting a candle.

    1. I think it was still a needle at that point, but I may be wrong - it was a few years ago, lol. What a memory you have, Theresa!