Tuesday, January 5, 2021

watching Jeopardy, trying to ignore Georgia

Just turned on CNN but I can't watch; the race in Georgia is so close. How is that possible? I have to remember - Georgia is a Confederate state, so with built-in racism. But still! To think, I used to be appalled that people would vote for George Bush! 

Reading what's going on in the world right now is devastating, sick-making. What the outgoing administration is doing to hamstring Biden before he even begins. When will the vile circus to the south be over? Truly, forces of evil newly unleashed, and a pandemic growing worse. The world feels like a dumpster fire. 

I've spent three days trying to write a positive piece about the good things that happened last year, the joys of Zoom, banging pots with neighbours, the pleasure for a writer of being forced to stay home. But it's wrong. It's wrong to write something positive about last year when there was so much suffering not shared by me. Time to throw this one away and start another. Could be worse - only three days wasted. 

Barely moved today. Nothing more to say. Oh yes, tonight I watched "Jeopardy" for the first and perhaps the last time; it's the last week with Alex Trebek, that fine Canadian. He shot this week's shows only ten days before he died and was apparently in pain. It hurts to watch him, unfailingly courteous, walking slowly, with makeup. 

What a world. 

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