Friday, April 2, 2021

keep on keeping on

Oh sad. The husband of one of my closest friends died of a heart attack this morning. She brought cups of tea up to bed; they drank and talked, and he rolled over and died. He'd been having chest pains but tests were inconclusive and he refused a few days before when she wanted him to go to Emerg. I know how he felt. Another casualty, in a way, of Covid; in normal times, he might have gone. But then again, he might not. He had a peaceful, painless death in his own bed next to the love of his life. But he was only 71. 

Monique's closest sister also had a heart attack and died suddenly last week, at 78. Monique can't stop crying. I think it's not only the loss of a beloved sibling, and the fact that she can't go to France to be with family, but a renewed reminder of our own human fragility. Any time, it might come.

So we live as well as we can, right now.

On the other hand, to descend to the pits of pettiness, some of us have to spend many hours - days - battling with our cable provider. Curse you, Rogers! After upgrading my modem I've had nothing but trouble - internet going on and off, and the TV too; I'm watching something and the screen goes blank, then comes back half an hour later, then freezes or goes black again. Many tortuous phone calls, and it's still the same. A technician is apparently coming tomorrow to check wiring, which should have been done ages ago. My son made me laugh, though. When I texted him about my fury, he replied, "In situations like this I like to take 10 deep breaths. I've got a few articles on breathing techniques I've clipped, next time you're here I'll give them to ya."

He is mocking his mother who clips articles on health issues incessantly and presses them on her children. Who throw them away.

Groundhog Day continues - is this Tuesday? Saturday? I guess Easter is meaningful for some, not for me, though I think Anna and fam will come and I'll hide eggs in the garden. So that will be Sunday.

Our incompetent premier is floundering and so is our province. Restaurants had just opened and now have to shut again. Sam was working and now is not, or maybe he is, maybe they'll figure something out. Anna is still cooking for many elders. In here, nothing is new. It may be isolated, quiet, and sometimes dull, but it beats the alternative. 

A friend sent this from her cell - six years ago or so, Eli had a fever and Glamma was on call. My baby. 

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