Thursday, May 27, 2021

shopping with gun

If you want a picture of the criminal insanity in the country to the south of us, look no further. 

Okay - it's a picture of a nice blonde woman in a green t-shirt grocery shopping, looking at loaves of bread, with an enormous revolver strapped to her side. Blogger won't allow me to upload it. "Sorry! An unexpected error occurred while processing your selection. Please try again later." I wonder why.

It's chilly! Beautiful in the sun by day, going down to 7 tonight. I've changed the bed covers three times, from a very light one back to winter weight. Not a problem, not complaining, oh no, nothing to complain about. Canada in spring. 

I'm going to a dinner party tonight - so exciting. Mind you, it's next door at Monique's, and it'll be outside, so I'll be bundled up in sweater and jeans. But ... people! Conversation! Food cooked by someone else! Can life be more exciting? 

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