Saturday, May 8, 2021

Two Old Guys Talking to Beth

My old friend John Wade - a genius with dogs who tried to help with the two crazy out of control canines who lived in this house when the kids were young - and his friend Paul have a podcast called Two Old Guys Talking. They both read my memoir and set up an interview with me. It lasted an hour and was a great deal of fun. So far friend Lani and student Paula have watched and reported: I loved this interview. I was engrossed from the beginning. John and Paul asked great question and Beth, I could listen to you for hours. Your openness and honesty and wisdom shine through like a halo!

And: So glad to have listened to your chat with the not so old guys. Thanks for promoting your authentic self and your wonderful acceptance of personal journeys, big and small. 

Thank you, friends. I think it's the first time I've been mentioned in the context of a halo. Well, if not now, when?

A truly unpleasant experience today: I sat through a webinar from a finance firm called Moody's. The speaker was like a human shark, terrifyingly aggressive and fear mongering, touting himself continuously as the only possible saviour from ruin. Truly horrible; I realize how lucky I am that I almost never encounter hard sell human beings like that guy. 

A lovely day otherwise - chilly at the market in the morning easing into hot sun in the afternoon. Yesterday was delicious. I had a scheduled call from Dr. Lawless, the doctor at St. Mike's who oversaw my appendix crisis and got me out of there in two days. I told him how extremely impressed I was and delivered my only complaint - about "doctorese," jargon incomprehensible to laypeople. He was open, warm, sensible - this in a vast hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Grateful!

And then my son came over and made a delicious dinner and we talked and talked and watched Stanley Tucci extoll Italian food. Grateful AND lucky. All that and spring too.

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