Friday, June 3, 2022

new tickets for WOTS workshop and Where the Blood Mixes

The WOTS workshop with the marvellous Helen Humphreys and moi was sold out, but people have been protesting, so they have opened up ten new spots. They were going to limit the attendance to 30, then 50. Now it's 70. Wonderful!


Won't discuss the election. Will not watch the news today. Imagine, huge numbers of people voted for a petty high school drug dealer eager to pave over farmland for new highways, to pander to his developer buddies, to cut healthcare and education budgets, who's now a second term leader of Canada's biggest province. Turns the stomach.

BUT: a fantastic evening last night. While Sam and Bandit babysat the boys, Anna and I had a delicious dinner at El Catrin, a Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District, and then sauntered next door to watch Where the Blood Mixes, by Kevin Loring, produced by the Native Earth company and Soulpepper. My poor Anna was awash in tears at the end of this powerful play, which begins in great humour and takes us through the incalculable tragedy of residential schools and the Sixties Scoop, as experienced by one family, one small community. My tenant Sheldon Elter stars and is superb; he's a musician and comedian who has done stand up and a one man show, and now reveals himself to be a great tragic actor. 

One of the actresses had contracted Covid so the director Jani Lauzon stepped in to the part and did a fantastic job.

Art will keep us alive. Until it can't and won't. But until then, it will.


  1. Thanks for the info on the extra tickets! Snagged one. I was disappointed a couple of days ago to find them sold out. But now I'm in!