Monday, December 5, 2022

news re Chris of "Chris Walks," the blog to the left

Some who read my blog also read the blogs to the left, especially those by my dear friend Chris in "Chris Walks." He blogs nearly every day about his astonishing life change from inner-city apartment dweller to lord of half an acre on the Gulf island Gabriola, his beloved pets and garden, his friends, cooking, reading, walks, and new volunteer activities. But he's been silent for days, and we know he has had significant health issues in the past, a cause of great concern.

A few days ago, I wrote to our mutual friend Bruce, who'd also been worried and done some research. There was a power outage on Gabriola a few days ago, and we gather it's still not back on. Internet is out, so no Chris. We assume he'll be back as soon as he can.

A beautiful day yesterday, crisp and bright; Toronto Lynn and I chose a great day to go to Kleinburg for a walk in the woods and then lunch and viewing at the McMichael gallery. A perfect afternoon, in fact: nature, lunch, art, and a little tour through the gift shop.

As lovely in late fall as in summer, no? In its way. We can see the beautiful bones of the deciduous trees. 
In the gallery: an exhibition by Kurelek of Jewish life in Canada - a passover feast in Halifax
A major retrospective of Vancouver's Gathie Falk, associated with ceramic shoes and stacks of lemons, I didn't know she painted - loved this still life bursting with colour
At home, my very own Gathie Falk print, teacups and stars; she donated it as a fundraiser for a Vancouver theatre, my parents bought it, I inherited it. Delicately pretty. 

More sun today. Sam wrote that he just went to pick up his dog's heart medication; on the bottle was printed "Bandit Dobie." The responsibilities of fatherhood. He's learning the hard way. 

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