Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beth on the 49th Shelf

The amazing Kerry Clare, who writes stories and edits books, raises two small book-loving daughters and keeps the influential Canadian book website 49th Shelf going as well, asked me for a list of recommended Canadian coming-of-age memoirs - including my own. So I compiled this list and she has put it up on the site. Thank you for all you do for literature and the world, Kerry. Her tweet about my list was instantly retweeted by the Creative Non-Fiction Collective of which I'm a proud member. And so, ideas, thoughts and lists are passed quickly around.

It's nice to see that little effort in print, because I've just received word from my publisher about my two fabulous spectacularly popular best-selling books. His report on the on-line sales in the year to date: All My Loving has sold 74 copies, True to Life 38.

That's not including, of course, the vast number of sales at the book launch and from home. With my best marketing efforts - including recently hiring a publicist for a month, at a cost of $800 - 74 and 38. 

Well, it could make me sad but it won't. I am now working on a children's nonsense rhyme picture book that will unquestionably make me rich and famous. I'll tell you about it later. After I dab away my tears.


Kind of. 


  1. A lovely piece, Beth. I loved My Turquoise Years, a good companion in a way to your own book. And just keep writing. Book sales are a weird mystery at the best of the times...

  2. Thanks, Theresa - and yes, I will - but sometimes, the tiny thought enters, why the hell...? Because that's what we do. I know.

  3. In this house, we have a saying (heard daily): "It's a mug's game." But honestly I can't imagine doing anything else.

  4. Me either. And anyway, I love mugs. Cups are too small and delicate; mugs are solid and unpretentious and hold just the right amount.