Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Everything

Dear friends, it's nearly midnight Xmas Eve and a wild rain is lashing the windows. The pageant at Riverdale Farm was its lovely friendly hokey self - and we were very lucky, the weather was the best it's ever been, amazingly mild and clear. Baby and family did drop out at the last minute, so for the final pageant in Francey Barn, a lovely couple sitting in the straw, surrounded by wise men, shepherds and angels, were holding a small bundle of rags in the vague shape of a baby. Not quite the same thing, but what can you do? The show must go on.

Eli was more interested in the sheep in the stall next to that final pageant scene - "There's a mummy sheep and a daddy sheep and a baby sheep" - and the goat and the new young horse the Farm has just brought in to replace the two beloved Clydesdales who both died recently.

We all went to Mary's Xmas Eve party with great food in her beautiful house. And then home in the pouring rain to try to get Eli to bed so we could finish Xmas - putting all the prezzies under the tree, putting the stockings out, putting the dishwasher on, making beds for the guests, cleaning up the snacks, toys, books and detritus of a two-year old's afternoon.

We have only snapped at each other a few times, we the assembled family. Ah family. If it weren't for family, there would be no theatre. Praise be.

Merry Christmas to all of you, or Merry Whatever You Celebrate. I wish you a most joyful day tomorrow, alone, with loved ones, with difficult people you try to cheer up - however you're doing it, I hope it's great. Much love to you all. Over and out.

Oh, just before I go - the cast of Downton Abbey has made a spoof of It's a Wonderful Life - two short videos - with George Clooney as Cora's new husband Lord Hollywood. It's funny and charming. A Christmas treat, from me to you.

Downton Abbey for Text Santa - part one - YouTube

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