Sunday, December 14, 2014

Macca and Jon - ecstasy.

Joy, my friends, joy - Paul McCartney is going to be on Jon Stewart on Tuesday. Two of the best men on the planet, two of the most talented, interesting, ethical and generous men on earth, together. Thank you, gods of television. 
Macca will be advertising his new single, which I heard briefly and which is not his best. Definitely not his best. But he's still in there, still in the game. He cares. He tries. We love him for it. 
Now for today's Florida pix. 
Absurd - looking for local produce in Publix, the local supermarket, I found these tomatoes - from Canada! How is it possible that Canadian tomatoes are exported to FLORIDA?
Christmas message in the sand.
A bronzed grouping - the 3 of them were mahogany-coloured; there are some crazy tanners around here. Otherwise, the beach is empty because it was 68 degrees with a bit of wind. Much too cold.
Christmas in Florida - a deflated reindeer and a very small decorated something or other. I saw a row of red things and thought they were fake - but they were real poinsettias. Extremely red.

I spent today with Cousin David, my father's much younger cousin, six years older than I, who now lives nearby. We went to an arts and crafts fair and walked on the beach and had dinner on the beach watching the sunset. (At 6 p.m. - you eat dinner early in Florida.) It's a wonderful bond with a man who knew my father before I did - and I knew his parents Bill and Chet, who were favourites of my parents. Family.

Now it's 7.15, it's very quiet and dark and I'm full of fresh fish and wine. Time either to fall asleep or read. And maybe 7.15 is just a tich early for bed.

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