Thursday, July 9, 2015

a fan of "All My Loving"

Last Ryerson class last night - spectacular stories, moving and beautifully told. Still, it was odd to be in class in the middle of July - definitely time for a summer break for us all.

And now - we're just waiting for baby. Anna was told yesterday that her due date is not July 15, it's July 10. She's profoundly grateful that we have had a near record-breaking cool month of July. How lucky is that?

I received a wonderful note from a Beatle lover who got in touch through my website and ordered my book. This is what he wrote about it:

Notes from Alan Millen, now living in Zurich, Switzerland, creator of “Blue Suburban Skies.”

I finished your book this morning. Enjoyed every line of it.  

Chapter 1 dovetails perfectly with my own Vancouver Island experience in early 1964, right down to She Loves You / I’ll Get you becoming the first record I ever bought with my own money. All of the details are spot-on. Everything you mention about junior high rings true. Oh, the terror of school dances!

The account of attending school in Paris had me enthralled. A classic character-building experience! I found the portrayal of your mother fascinating, and the riffs on Jane Asher were hilarious.

Your identification with Anne Frank is very touching.

The impact of seeing A Hard Day’s Night when it came out can’t be underestimated, and I thought you got that just right, even if you did have to put up with French subtitles. My first viewing was at the Capitol Theatre in Nanaimo, B.C. 

Having experienced Beatlemania from a teen male perspective, it has been truly enlightening to gain an insight into the female experience. Wonderful stuff all the way.

As reviews go, it doesn't get better than this! Thank you, Alan - how heartening to hear from a fan.

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