Friday, July 31, 2015

Queen for a day

And more - this from my genius friend Chris, who's so creative with a computer. I wrote to him, "This is hilarious. Hideous, but hilarious." I have to say - I would NEVER wear that champagne colour or those huge earrings or fluffy curls.  But the sparkly necklace and head thingy and a medal or two - hell yes.
It's 10.15. I'm still 64! Paul wrote a song about me!

Just watched Jon's show from yesterday. My age is showing already - for the last few days, I couldn't stay up as late as 11 to watch, went to bed early and saw the show on my computer the next day. OMG. The end is nigh. But my Jon, though obviously waiting for the last show, is still wonderful - a brilliant bit on the extremely low bar set by the Republican candidates.

And now, humble little people, it's time for me to play with my corgis.

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