Friday, July 17, 2015

little brother Ben

There's an obvious power struggle between the midwives and the nursing staff at St. Joe's, not sure if it's true of other hospitals - and Anna got caught in the middle, yesterday and today. Yesterday, after hours of labour with little result, she asked to be transferred from the midwives to the doctors so she could have an epidural and be induced; she had to wait more than five hours for a nurse to become available. And today, she had to wait again as messages and paths crossed. Anyway, it all came out all right in the end, as the saying goes.
Mmm - mitten.

I'm so happy, she said, to have my body back. 
Ready to go home. The pouring rain stopped just in time.

When Eli met his brother, he asked how the baby got out of his mummy's tummy. "He came out through my 'gina," she said. "You mean you sort of poo'ed him out?" he said. Well - pretty close.
First glimpse.
Opening the fantastic remote control monster truck that was a present from his little brother! How could his brother know so well what Eli would really really love? He played smash crash for hours.
 "That's Mr. Big Brother to you."

Friends, my daughter's journey will be complicated and difficult. But she will triumph. Because that's who she is and that's what she does. But it won't be easy, and Glamma may worry. Occasionally. Because ... ditto.


  1. These photos of Eli with his new baby brother are heartbreakingly touching. As for the whole event, all I can say is Wow. A question out of curiosity - when did your daughter and new baby leave the hospital? It seems quick. Do they not keep mothers in for longer than a day or two?


  2. Juliet, when my son was born in 1984, my friend Lynn was visiting from France, and she was shocked that I was out of the hospital six hours after his birth. She says she stayed in a week. Anna was anxious to get home for the same reason i was back then - to be with the new baby's older sibling. So yes - new mothers don't stay long unless there's a problem.