Monday, July 6, 2015

iPhone, explained

I often think of things I'd have to explain about our modern world to my dad - so this hit home.
Not just the Fifties - much more recently than that. If you'd told me this in 1990, I would not have believed you. However,  I think you get into arguments, not in them. Sigh.



    I thought you might appreciate this.

  2. LOVE IT! Thank you, Valerie, fellow fan, I assume. Have just started reading it and will buy the magazine, to add to my very large pile of Macca papers. What I still want to know is: how to get my book to him?!

  3. You're welcome. I am more of a Lennon girl, but I appreciate Paul's talents. His concerts are incredible. No idea on how to get your book to him -- have you checked out sending it to his agents/managers?

  4. I've sent it to a couple of places, but not as exhaustively as I could have. Maybe I'll try again. Have you read the memoir? If you're anywhere near my age, even as a Lennon girl, it'll take you back to that wondrous time of Beatlemania - and the importance of which Beatle you chose. Thanks for writing and sending suggestions, Valerie.