Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday pix

My fancy Bosch stove, bought in 2007, already needed repair. It cost $500 to have a man come to see what the problem was, then order the part - a burner base - then come to replace it. He had to special order these two screws. They cost $24 each. Magic golden $24 screws.
This shocked me - a notice put up outside Daniel and Daniel. My daughter, who used to work as a nanny, told me that she was always amazed when wealthy people, driving Mercedes and living in huge homes, had no compunction about paying as little as possible for child care. I guess $11.25 is more than minimum wage - and it is, of course, much more than stay at home mothers make.
Had to photograph these four stages in the life of a rose, which made me think of my family - the bud is the baby (when he comes - his poor mama), then Eli, Anna, and me. I'm the overblown but still rosy one on the bottom. 

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