Thursday, August 6, 2015


I know I said I wouldn't write, but these are pictures.
Tuesday: Ben wakes up.
Tuesday: Eli waits for the rain to go away.
Wednesday: Ben now has a tiny cast to correct his club foot. It will be changed every week for a few months, then there are shoes attached in the middle by what looks like a little skateboard that he will wear for years, and eventually a simple operation. When I expressed sympathy, not just for him but for his mother, she reminded me that the second son of her best friend from childhood has life-threatening kidney problems; another friend's child has a serious genetic condition. "This is nothing," she said. "A foot that's easily fixed."

Like I said, she's magnificent. And so, in their very different ways, are her boys.

And so, if I may say so, is MY boy.


  1. Very dear boys in your life, Beth --and yes, a magnificent daughter.

  2. Yes, Theresa, they all are - and you have a great deal of magnificence in your family too.