Saturday, August 22, 2015

Margaret Atwood takes on The Man with the Iron Hair

No one has offered box seats to the McCartney concert yet. Where are you, knight with shining tickets? Never mind - maybe someone will. And if not, I'll just have to line up (on the internet) on Monday morning with everyone else. And you can be sure that I will.

Another absolutely perfect mild sunny day, and again I am aware of my stick-in-the-mudness - hardly ventured from my backyard. I did have to walk to the Y, because yesterday I'd ridden there for a class and left my bike, taken the TTC for the rest of my errands, which included having my right ear blown out with warm water at the doctor's. ("It's completely blocked!" she said, as she peered with her little light. What a relief after.) So today I went to get my bike and while there, discovered the "Green Day" event on the Y roof. Got a new bike map and met a man from The Backyard Urban Farm Company, made an appointment for them to come and give me advice on my veggies, which need help. My tomatoes are out of control and my zucchini are invisible. There must be a happy medium.

I have not made my anti-Harper buttons yet, but Richard appeared at the door yesterday with a great button: October 19, 2015: Harper's Last Day. I wore it all day and had many compliments. Everyone downtown feels the same way. Unfortunately, downtown Toronto does not control the political future of the country. More's the pity.

Speaking of which - the redoubtable Margaret Atwood had a wonderful anti-Harper article in the right-wing National Post, which was taken down from the website only an hour after it was posted. But luckily, thanks to the vigilance of the websters, it is available to us. On this stunning August weekend, please ENJOY!

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