Friday, August 14, 2015

The NYT takes down Harper! And I see "Amy"

So much for giving blogging a rest - two in one day today! But this is too important not to post - an article in the NYT about our vile PM and what he has done to our country. Please read it and also the comments afterward, which are nearly as good.

I just saw a devastating film, Amy, about the life and far too early death of Amy Winehouse. It was research for me because I'm writing about my twenties, my years of sexual excess and substance abuse, so it hurt to watch this extraordinarily talented young woman, bulimic, alcoholic and sometimes drug-addicted, adrift with a callow enabler of a husband and a feckless father, starving and drinking herself to death. Her greatest support, at the end, and one of the most decent people in the film, is her bodyguard. A great tragedy, a haunting film that makes you hate conscienceless paparazzi and merciless late night comedians who have no shame. She was sweet, brilliantly talented and troubled, and dead at 27. As Tony Bennett says, sadly, in the film, "Life teaches you how to live if you can only live long enough." This beautiful soul did not.

But this beautiful soul did. My daughter once dressed as Amy for Hallowe'en.


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