Friday, August 7, 2015


It was fun to say goodbye to Jon in a crowded cinema full of like-minded people. I was interviewed by CTV news beforehand, because my friend Ken, always an early bird, was first in line when I got there.
We all had popcorn and some had beer and we laughed a lot and mourned even more. It was great to see the assembled brilliance of Jon's team, especially the beloved and brilliant John Oliver and Stephen Colbert - wonderful human beings who care deeply about this crazy planet and can still be funny. A rare skill.

I did feel bereft as I left. How we need him.

Managed to avoid both the Canadian and American debates. I gather, devastatingly, that Harper is still a viable candidate, and, even worse, that Elizabeth May of the Greens did well. It's criminal that the Greens, with their ONE seat in Parliament, have not combined with either of the other parties, thereby further splintering the vote on the left. It all makes me feel sick. On this beautiful shiny morning, sick. Must get out into the day.

Oh God, I forgot that I wasn't going to blog. Well, here I am. Had to tell you I had a meeting with a very nice Bell guy, who said the wires would be moved though it might take up to a year. But still, very slowly, in one department at least, progress is being made.

But despite the garden, the sun, the clear fresh air and light, I am sad today.e alcoholic drinks.

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