Thursday, August 6, 2015

preparing to mourn our lost Jon

I'm going to Hot Docs tonight with Ken, to watch Jon's last show on the big screen with hundreds of other mourners - the place is sold out. SOB! I am going to walk there, which means I will not be able to watch the leader's debate on TV tonight. Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn't bear to watch it if it were the last show on earth - just hearing that man's voice makes me want to puke. I pray I pray I pray that Mulcair and Trudeau, or one of them, knocks Stephen Harper clean out of the park. Please. It's not that much to ask.  I know the Republican candidates - or at the New Yorker puts it, the clown car - are having a debate tonight too. Now that would be fun. But I will be busy sobbing for Jon.

OMG. I said I wouldn't write and here I am only a few days later. Sigh. Maybe I just can't live without you.

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