Saturday, October 17, 2015

Elmo meets a very serious boy

Okay be still my beating heart. It's cold, maybe we'll even see a bit of snow, which is too bad, I'd have liked Macca to enjoy good weather in our fine city. I wonder where he's staying? I wonder if he's strolling about right now and if so, if he's bundled up? I have some spare scarves and gloves, Paul!

In a few hours, I go down for the pre show, my 65th birthday present to myself - we see a soundcheck and then apparently we eat and drink. Yay! And then wait for the music. Oh the music.

In the meantime, others near and dear to me are enjoying another show. I'd bought tickets for Eli and me to attend a Sesame Street show, but couldn't take him because the Macca preshow is so early. A friend of his mama's is looking after Ben so Eli and Mummy can have a date. He is dressed in his best superman jacket, with cape. But he is definitely going through a non-smiling phase. His mother does assure me, though, that he is enjoying himself.
One of the greatest joys of all this entertainment is that the election is, briefly, forgotten. Forgotten, that the Globe came out with a preposterous editorial endorsing the Conservative party but slamming its leader, and others, in the Post and elsewhere, which basically say, he's a jerk and bad for the country but the economy is in good shape so hold your nose and vote for him. PHOOEY! But today, I will try not think about any of that, at all.

Tomorrow, yes.

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