Tuesday, November 6, 2012

fingers crossed for the planet

It's 8.15 p.m. and I'm sitting in media-free silence. I don't want to know what's going on out there. But soon, I will go down the street to Jean-Marc and Richard's - Richard is an American politics junkie, and I want to clutch his hand as we go through this agonizing night. This feels like the election of a lifetime, much more than the G.W. Bush one or even the first Obama one. That one was an idealistic choice versus a crazy man and an idiot woman. This one is about mendacity and greed versus ... well, not exactly good, we can't say the Dems and Obama are always on a white horse, but - way less vile, perhaps? Damning with faint praise. That's sad.

To cheer me up, first, my mother's caregiver just called. "She's the energizer bunny," she marvelled. Mum has been moved to a quiet room and today asked for a TV so she could watch the election! On Sunday she was on her way out, and on Tuesday she's rooting for Obama. Good genes.

And another cheery thing - one of my current U of T students just sent me a note.

I am getting so much out of this class. I did 2 others before this, and really, I am shocked at how vital this class is. I feel I am learning so much, on a deep level. The class is about our lives, yet you keep us firmly in the realm of writing. There is a real generosity in the  depth of your listening, your appreciation and the detailed feedback you give.
Thank you, Lynne. That was good to read, on this tense night.

And now - holding my breath - to sit in front of Richard's TV and pray.

10.50 p.m. My shoulders loosening. It's looking good. In fact, it's looking more or less like a done deal, with California and the rest of the west to come. Amazing. Whether he can govern in such a divided nation, who knows. But the entire world, with a few exceptions, is breathing more easily right now, and so am I.

11.18. CNN calls it for Obama. Shots of people all over the planet celebrating. Here, it's just me and the crabby cat, but we're both dancing inside.

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