Wednesday, November 7, 2012

giving us things

Just watched Obama's acceptance speech on my computer - fiery, idealistic, that beautiful talk of responsibility and sharing - and shuddered at the thought of what Romney's would have been, an oily parade of platitudes. What an extraordinary event occurred last night, the defeat of the billionaires. How extraordinary that the Republicans were so totally out of it, high up on Bullshit Mountain, as Jon Stewart says, with no idea what was happening on the ground. Romney's complete and utter shock. Karl Rove - how I wished we had Fox News, for once, so I could watch his meltdown. Just watched Bill O'Reilly explain that Obama won because the white establishment is now the minority, and the people who voted for Obama "want things," and "voted for the man who'll give them things."

His usual wise and trenchant analysis.

Thank God it's over.

What a moment, when Michelle and those two gorgeous daughters walked onto the stage, and Joe Biden and his wife, much hugging, and the screaming joy of the crowd. And now, the hard part begins. Let's hope that because the man is freed from having to think about re-election, he can become the leader we hoped he was. Americans came through - support for gay marriage too, and for fabulous Elizabeth Warren and the first gay senator. My faith is restored. Let the Tea Party slink back into the hole from which it crawled.

Hurricane Sandy ... Surely watching Obama roll up his sleeves and offer help, being praised so warmly by Christie and Bloomberg, reminded Americans of Bush hovering in his helicopter over New Orleans as people starved on their roofs.

Thank God it's over. The sun just came out for the first time in what feels like weeks. My mother is in a quiet semi-private room and recovering miraculously. There's a blue jay at my birdfeeder and the coffee is good. Thanks to the universe.

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