Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Richard the roofer is spending the next few days ripping off the old termite-riddled siding on the wall next door, attached to my kitchen. I was upstairs working when I heard the sound of smashing china. He'd hit so hard that several of the antique china jugs, serving dishes and bowls I'd just inherited from Mum fell off my open kitchen shelves and broke. Glass and china all over the kitchen floor, the cat fleeing in panic. Now the banging, hammering and drilling continues. He has hired another guy to help him. All on my bill.


Soft ye now. This too shall pass. It's a test of your new-found tranquillity and acceptance.


No I'm not. It'll be okay. The weather makes it all worse - it's awful, freezing, grey with a nasty, damp chill. Nobody can garden because there's a threat of frost. And I can't garden anyway because my deck needs to be stained and my yard is still full of junk. Not to mention the noise. Not to mention the bill that's coming.

And I'm sorry that the Leafs, as my son wrote on Facebook, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last night, ahead 4-1 and then, somehow, beaten. Not that I care, but others do.

But ... here are some pix, taken on Mother's Day, guaranteed to flood my heart with good thoughts.

So cheer up, you whiney old bag. There are books and pies topped with ice cream to share.

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