Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Save the CBC - a petition

I've recently donated $100 to the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. They're battling right now to save the independence of the CBC from an insidious bill put forward by Harper, which would allow the government to control much more of the CBC budget and therefore the on-air content. There's also a story going around about the esteemed Mike Duffy trying to manipulate a CRTC decision about the funding of Sun TV, our version of the U.S.'s loathsome Fox "News."

Below is a petition to send to your M.P. The hearing is this week. This is urgent. Please sign now if you care about the CBC.

This morning, when I woke, my watch, which tells me the time in the morning, was not on my bedside table; I'd put it somewhere else. But I can tell time by the light and the sounds - still fairly early, not too much traffic. But later, I know exactly what time it is, thanks to my neighbour, Jian Ghomeshi, who gets in his red and black Mini and zooms out to work at 8.35 every weekday morning, except when he's travelling. He is one of the new marvels of the CBC, like his TV counterpart Strombo - extremely smart, charming, gifted. Listening to the CBC is entering a world full of interesting people, music and conversation, like a fantastic cocktail party. Its budget has been crushed in recent years. Let's not let it be harmed further.


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