Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the courage of Angelina Jolie and Chris Hadfield

Just read this and had to share it with you: Angelina's Jolie's op-ed piece in the "New York Times" about preventative surgery. Moving and brave. I have admired her for years, both her and Brad, in fact, crazy as they are - somehow, in the lurid fishbowl and incomprehensible wealth and fame of their lives, they are living a love affair and raising a family. And doing so with considerable grace, generosity and courage. For a movie star not just to do this but to write about it so publicly - brava, BRAVA to Angelina.

And - bravo, too, to Chris Hadfield, just returned from space. What an extraordinary man, what a journey he has shared with us, he and his enquiring mind and his guitar. Suddenly, space doesn't seem so very far away.

What a pleasure to celebrate heroes.

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