Monday, October 28, 2013

NOT writing for free

A terrific article about being asked to write for free ... which I am posting, yes, without paying royalties. I used to publish many articles in "Facts and Arguments" in the "Globe," which paid a measly $100 for half a page of content. When they stopped paying even that, I stopped writing for them - though I do encourage my students to send pieces, as a way to get started. God knows, there's little enough money in this business without professional writers being offered nothing, zero, zip, nada for their work.


Slaves of the Internet, Unite!


  1. One of my favourite Peggy Atwood stories (probably apocryphal but believable of her): She was seated at a dinner party next to a well-known physician. When he learned who she was, he mentioned that he thought he might like to try writing after he retired. “Yes,” replied Atwood, “and after I retire I think I’d like to try brain surgery.”

  2. Famous story, Chris, and one of my favourites.