Sunday, October 20, 2013

fall in Britannia Park

This is my mother's patch of the communal garden below her condo. Thrilled to see it still so colourful.
 Britannia Park, my saviour every time I visit.

 The view from my aunt's balcony - the Ottawa River and the Gatineau in the distance

 The path I walk every time, near the river
Auntie Do, born April 18 1920, living alone, still driving. Proud owner of dozens of blue and green striped t-shirts.
Home! I went right away for a walk. Yes, this is downtown Toronto ... the Farm at dusk, through the fence.
A typical hideous Cabbagetown house. I love home.


  1. Beth,cant gt over the resemblance between you and Do.And i love the house,which i assume is yours. GG

  2. Really? I've never thought I look like Do. I do wear stripey t=shirts, though. No, that's not my house, though it's one of my local favourites. I'll send you one of mine, which is a tall brick Victorian semi.