Wednesday, October 2, 2013

write me back, please

Good news, blog fans - a young geek called Nathan has fixed the comment box, so that you can easily write back. Would you like to try it out? I wish you would test it, as I can't - for some reason, there was never a problem for me to respond to my own posts. Good work, Beth, it was easy for me to say to myself. Not so easy for you. So go ahead. Or, of course, whatever you'd like.

Incredibly beautiful out there - 25 degrees. The cat and I, side by side, looking out at the fading garden, the hungry birds. I just want to be outside, drinking it in, because it won't last. Tonight, dinner with four of my oldest women friends. The other night, a wonderful documentary on TV, "Bill Cunningham New York," about the lively 80-something man who cycles around NYC taking pictures of style and fashion for the NYT. He scorns money for himself and is only interested in people with style, the more eccentric and interesting, the better. A profoundly joyful and even spiritual man. Oh I love documentary.

Oh I love bicycles. One of mankind's most brilliant inventions. Nothing better than sailing around the city in the sun.

What is happening in the U.S. right now is incomprehensible to a Canadian - the Republicans comparing Obama to Hitler. What is wrong with those people? Irresponsible, no, reprehensible idiots.


  1. Glad to be able to comment rather than sending you an email -- not that it was a hardship! And enjoy every minute of the fine weather because I`m sure winter is coming. I write from Newfoundland where yesterday was so sunny that my cheeks turned quite pink!

  2. Yay - thank you Chris and Theresa, it works! Hope all is well with you both. The reason the weather feels especially fantastic is because we know this is it, the last gasp of warmth before the Other sets in - the short dark days, the big chill.
    I'm dying to visit Nfld. On my list. Thank you for taking me there, Theresa.

  3. Hey Beth, testing your comments box..... I guess URL means web site, not email address, and since I don't have a website, it won't let me send under those addresses, but I think "Anonymous" works..... that's me: ISO!

    1. It works! Contact is made through this miraculous electronic medium. How does it work? Who knows?

  4. Love your blog Beth! And thank you for the Pixar's 22 Rules...

  5. Great to hear from you, France. Enjoy.