Saturday, January 10, 2015

Guardian cartoonist's response to Charlie Hebdo

Juliet has just posted on her blog, to the left, a thoughtful and moving response to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, from a cartoonist at the Guardian. In case she has posted something else, here it is again:

What is most heartbreaking and appalling about Charlie Hebdo, beyond the horror of the actual event, is that enemies of civilization will use this new atrocity to further their goals. Stephen Harper has of course been banging his drum, announcing new "anti-terrorist measures" - which you can be sure will affect us all. You can also be sure he has his eye on re-election this year and will use whipping up hysteria and hatred to the utmost advantage. Netanyahu also.

I fear, I fear for our world.

In my world, my daughter was so ill yesterday that she went to Emerg to be sure it wasn't pregnancy-related, so there were a few tense hours. It's a bad 'flu. Our friend Holly is looking after Eli today so I'll take tomorrow's shift. This summer, Anna will have a baby and a toddler. Sometimes I am filled with anxiety, not just about the world, but about my tiny corner of it.

And sometimes I put anxiety aside and breathe and look at the sky and move on.

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