Thursday, January 1, 2015

the Brown sisters

Those of you who read the NYT will know this story - that a man photographed his wife and her sisters every year for 40 years, with stunning and very moving results. We watch beautiful faces age and crumple, slender bodies expand and droop - and yet the eyes and attitude and sisterly love are unchanged. Gorgeous.

See all the years:

I just came back from a yearly party, the only party I was invited to this Xmas season - a neighbourhood celebration that happens every New Year's day afternoon. It's a great opportunity to catch up with people I've known for many years, some for decades, as I've lived in this house for nearly 30 years. I stood with one group trying to make sense of the Ford brothers, then another discussing our daughters who grew up and went to Brownies together, another discussing the fate of Riverdale Farm, where it seems the city is trying to get rid of the animals which are its whole raison d'ĂȘtre,  with another talking about how tiring yet exhilarating teaching is and what we are doing now. John the widower rode his bike through Africa two years ago and across Canada last year; this year he is driving with his new girlfriend through the United States to Panama. Another couple want to learn to weave in Peru, a third are leaving tomorrow for Trinidad. The happiest couple among our children is a young Cabbagetown woman officially married to her spouse, who's what my daughter would call a tranny, once a man, now a woman, now driving a truck in a northern Ontario town where they are completely accepted and at home. She may run for city council.

Happy 2015, Cabbagetown, best 'hood in the country. And to you out there, I hope your celebrations were everything you'd hoped, and that you've eased into this bouncing new new year.

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