Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dad's day

This is my dad in his work attire - about as formal as he got. He never owned a suit, just jackets and pants with an occasional tie if strictly necessary. I think this is his office as Vice-President Research at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, only a few years before he died of stomach cancer, at the age of 65 in 1988. So in this shot, hard to believe, he is younger than I am now. You can see how strangely he had to hold his pen, because the polio that nearly killed him in 1951 destroyed muscles in his hands, legs and chest. He never spoke about it; hardly anyone knew. 

Even during chemo, he never lost his thick hair or his sense of humour. Here's the story: he was a spectacular man and a difficult father, which gave me tons of material to work with. Love you and miss you, JGK, peace activist, scientist, musician, lover of wine, women and song, my father.
  • Male wolves are fierce protectors that live with their partner for life. After a female wolf gives birth, she remains close to her pups, refusing to leave the den for several weeks. Dad guards and hunts for food to share with his family. As the young wolves mature, dad becomes the mentor and helps integrate them into the pack.


  1. Beth,this is the first i ever noticed the truly strong family likeness between Gert and Gordin.
    Of course,I probably never had occasion to think about it before.

  2. Oh how I wish I'd met Gertrude! Yes, those Gordin genes are strong. As you well know. Much love to you from the Canadian wing.