Sunday, June 7, 2015


Tres tres fatiguee - but what a wonderful day. People - and there were a lot of people - said the nicest things. But the nicest was a woman who said, "Your garden is so comforting." Now, that's a beautiful word. And it's true - all that green is comforting. The birds were very impatient with all the visitors, but one amazing fuscia clematis bloom came out just for this day.
They start to arrive.
Always a marketing opportunity - and I actually sold six or seven books!
Getting crowded in here.
 The empty bird feeder - the trees around full of hungry birds, waiting.
All that rain helped - yes, it does look lush. And comforting.

After a full day greeting people and talking gardening, trying to sound as if I knew what I was talking about, I had to dash across town. Anna's best friends Holly and Lana threw a surprise baby shower for her, in her backyard - got her to go to a movie while they set it up, and she returned to food, drink, balloons and many friends.
Anna with Oksana, her Grade 2 and 3 teacher and a dear friend of the family.
Sam with his best friend Mike, who went to school with Anna. I have a picture of Mike, during a wild party here, wearing Anna's prom dress. It did not fit very well.
Oh dear - the small ones are already hooked on electronics. Eli's t-shirt says, "Being annoying is my full time job."
The gang. Lana and Emily, Anna's friends from high school. All grown up.


  1. Amiga,
    What a day full of blossoms for you, and as the woman said, comforting!

  2. Glad you were there way back then as the garden took shape, and yesterday to celebrate Anna's shape!