Saturday, June 20, 2015

summer weekend afternoon

So  sad - "the wedding of Julie and David, Aug. 25, 1995" - a skilfull original drawing from someone who loved them very much. On sale for $50 at Doubletake. I guess Julie and David, despite this bright beginning, are no more.
I haven't found anything at Doubletake for some time, but did today, put together this new outfit: top $5, skirt $7. Voila - summer.
I knew if on my way to buy wine, I went into the new Kendall interior design store nearby I'd be in trouble, and I was - could not resist this indoor-outdoor rug, which looks like a hooked rug, to go in front of my sink. What I saved on my new clothes I spent on the rug at $79, but what the hell. Love it.
Free: the beauty of the garden.
The first bouquet.

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