Friday, June 3, 2016

Beth's new subscription option

Readers, my beloved friend Grace, who's 24 and who comes to help me with social media, has updated my blog. As you'll see on the left, there's an addition: if you want automatic updates about blog posts, please enter your email address, go through the simple procedure, and once a day, if I've posted, you'll receive notification of my golden words and dewy prose. Yay!

Forgot to tell you, speaking of golden words - during the recent visit of Anna and her two boys, we were all sitting in the living room when Eli, who just turned four, turned to his mama and said, "Mum, how do babies get out of their mummy's tummy?" There was a pause as Anna considered her options. "Did Ben come out of your mouth?" Eli said. Anna made up her mind - he knows the names of body parts, no euphemisms in this family.
"Babies come out of their mother's vaginas, Eli," she said. Pause. He grimaced and pushed his face into the sofa cushions. And then he popped up.
"Mum," he said brightly, "can I have some goldfish crackers?" And that was that.

Later, he said to me, "Glamma, do you wear diapers?" And I wanted to say, "Not yet, Eli. Check in later," but I didn't.

So much fun.

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