Thursday, June 23, 2016

return after a long absence

Sob - I'm back! It has been DAYS since I've blogged. On Sunday, asked for my password, didn't recognize it, and set off a chain of events that led to me being LOCKED OUT of my own blog. Despair. So many things to tell you about, and no way to do so.

I do now have the Facebook page, as well, which I'll use to explore ideas, links and quotes specifically about writing. Whereas the blog on my website is about life generally. I hope I have that difference figured out; it's the young genius Grace who is setting these things up for me, and also who came over today to get my blog back on track. She's a wonder.

So what are these millions of things I have to recount? Not much, in fact. Late afternoon Sunday, at the end of a perfect sunny day - a bike ride to the Toronto Islands with Jean-Marc and Richard for a picnic on the beach, a ride around the island at dusk, a stunning ferry ride home and a stop at a glorious ice cream store on Queen East called Sweet Jesus. And sweet Jesus, their stuff is good.
 My wonderful neighbours and friends, at the start of our gourmet meal with wine.
T Dot. The Six. Trawna. My kind of town.

And now I have to run out for a piano lesson. More anon. Just wanted to say hello, I missed you.


  1. It's good to have you back. Good on Grace!

  2. Thank you, my beloved friend! Grace is 24 and her fingers and thumbs move on her tiny phone faster than the speed of light. Her mother is a cabinet minister in Nigeria. She's royalty to me.