Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Democrats and show biz

A friend today quoted Margaret McMillan, the famed Canadian historian, as saying the world is in the same kind of upheaval now as it was in the years before the first world war. Now that's the kind of heartening observation that makes you glad to be alive. As in - let's enjoy today, because who knows about tomorrow? With a Trump-Putin alliance, anything is possible, and none of it will be good.

But on the other hand, we have the Dems, preaching love and kindness in Philadelphia, bless their little furry heads. Last night the Big Dog, ex-Pres. Bill, spoke with warmth and eloquence about his wife, though we all wondered if he'd make even a joking reference to his crimes and misdemeanours. He did not. The Dems are phenomenal at showbiz, it turns out - the event is stage-managed and orchestrated brilliantly, famous people coming and going, glorious speeches, stunning film clips, musicians - Alicia Keyes, fabulous if invisible beneath her tangled hair - the audience holding a constantly shifting barrage of signs. Well - artists are almost entirely Democrat and are on board. Apparently Hollywood's J. J. Abrams made one of the little films.

What does it all add up to? A good op-ed in the  Star today points out that though to Canadians it looks like meaningless, flashy hucksterism, what these huge conventions mean is engagement in the political process. All those faces we see on screen, weeping and shouting - those are people who care about their government and are involved. And that's a good thing. Maybe we need a bit more show biz here in Canada.

It's incredibly hot here - with humidity, 37 degrees. I spent the morning huddled in a library with baby Ben, taking care of him while his mother had a doctor's appointment. He tried to pull every book off the shelf and made too much noise for a library, but it was blessedly cool.  I think he is not going to be a sitting still and reading kind of guy. He likes to MOVE. Tonight, I'd like to go to a nice cool movie but I think I'm stuck, once again, with the Democrat show. Barack, give us some of that hopey changey stuff, please.

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