Sunday, July 3, 2016

New York Day Three

I'm at the little Italian cafe around the corner on 2nd Ave., where I go in NYC to get wifi and a cappuccino. It's 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, another beautiful day - have I mentioned that, apart from the thunderstorms on Friday, the weather has been perfect, mild and sunny? This city can be beastly hot, so I feel very lucky for the breeze.

Today I am going to Central Park - walking across the park to the Green Flea Market at 79th and Columbus, a fave destination full of interesting things, and then I'll walk up Columbus to 94th, to look at Uncle Edgar's brownstone and then to visit him in Central Park. I scattered his ashes inside the park at 94th and I go to visit him when I'm here, to have a chat and tell him how things are.

I'm taking Cousin Lola to see The Humans, this year's Tony award winner for Best Play, this afternoon. Lola is exactly the age my father would have been had he lived; it is my great pleasure to take her to the theatre and for lunch or dinner. At 94, she is still living in a studio at 71st and 3rd and goes often to the theatre and the museums for almost nothing on a senior's pass. Full of energy.

Tonight - walking? Working at Ted's? Not much planned once the theatre stops - there's none on Sunday nights or Monday. Just this city. I think I'll find something to do. I hope to make it back to the Cafe Noi. Stay tuned.

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