Saturday, July 23, 2016

music and roses

A few more from Thursday:
 Show offs.
 Before the party - we've never managed to sit a large group down in the garden before. Thanks to Jean-Marc and Richard's portable table, we did. And the rose of Sharon bloomed just in time.
Oh I slaved over these cakes! Or someone at Daniel and Daniel did. One was mango mousse and the other - be still my beating heart - dark chocolate and peanut butter. Despite what is happening in the world, life is good.

Yesterday, to the Beach for Anne-Marie and Jim's annual party - we have dinner in their Beach home and then out to Queen Street, just outside their front door, to enjoy the Jazz Festival. What a fabulous event - the street packed with people and musicians, bands of all kinds carefully spaced the length of the street so you can wander from one to the next, each playing a short set and then another starting up. We heard retro rock, hot jazz and big band music, blues, country rock, salsa, Jamaican steel band, a wonderful Australian two man band with an electric didgeridoo - everything. Well, not rap or whatever they're listening to now, didn't hear that, or maybe I just tuned it out, old fart that I am. There was tons of street food on sale, including fresh oysters. A riotous yet peaceful celebration of music many blocks long near the lake - I love Toronto!


  1. Oh yum! Chocolate and peanut butter -- sigh...

  2. And - this is the hard part - I hardly got to taste any at the party, and today I went to eat the leftover bit - and my son, yes, my own son, had eaten it. I sent him a text with many frowny emojis. Next time, I will hoard.