Wednesday, December 7, 2016

British radio interview

Did a phone interview today long-distance, with a British radio personality called Pete Mitchell who's doing a documentary on the Beatles; he'd heard of my book and wanted to ask me about seeing them in 1965 and again in '66. As you can imagine, I waxed eloquent. I also told him about listening to Sgt. Pepper's for the first time in 1967 while smoking my first joint, and how when the disc got to that grand orchestral sweep at the end, I thought I was going to blast right up through the ceiling. He loved that story. At the end, he told me he'd interviewed Paul several times and would be able to get my book to one of his people.

Not holding my breath. But having friends in high places is certainly a help.

Further to this matter, I've been asked by Lisa Roy at the Miles Nadal JCC, who I guess liked my talk about my great-grandfather, to do a talk on the Beatles, in conjunction with my book, and have agreed. There will be music and probably film clips. I can hear your excitement from here, and luckily, you'll have time to prepare, as will I: it's slotted for May or June 2018.

As always, I am overjoyed to be home. No snow in Toronto and my very own bed. Where this is what happens:
Story of my life.
And this too:
Going now to get groceries and check in with my 'hood. It's not warm out there, but it's not that cold, and it's not Ottawa. Though at the end of our visit, my aunt and I had a most moving exchange of love. This never happened when my mother was alive, as Do was completely overshadowed. So these years are a gift. It's just too bad that gift has to be given in Ottawa.
Here's your joy for the day:

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