Friday, July 7, 2017


The first adventure of summer 2017 - a trip to Ottawa with Anna and her sons, to visit 97-year old Auntie Do, who still lives alone, and my brother Mike and his son Jake. We flew, as this is the last time Ben flies for free - he's 2 in a few weeks. It's a marvel to arrive in Ottawa less than an hour after departure, instead of a 4 or 5 hour slog on the highway or on the train.

The day was hot and gorgeous; thunderstorms predicted for Friday so we made the best of it, a picnic in Britannia Park to let the boys blow off steam, a visit with Do to show off Eli's artwork from school, then out to Chelsea in the Gatineau where my brother lives. We went to the Gatineau Yacht Club, a wonderful place in the woods where people keep, not yachts, but small sailboats; Mike has one, largely for sitting and drinking beer in, I gather. A swim in the cold Gatineau River refreshed us all, though Ben was less than thrilled. Eli followed 10-year old Jake around, and Ben did his best to throw everything overboard. We got a bit sunburned. Then back to Mike's for our usual dinner there - hot and cold smoked salmon, since that's his business.

I drove back to Britannia at night, to the airbnb I rent near Do's. The usual way was closed for the Ottawa Blues Fest - the music was LOUD, young crowds pouring in, not like staid Ottawa at all.
Ben on the plane - banana bread from Mr. Porter.
Eli shows his artwork to Auntie Do. A serious discussion ensues, despite the 92-year age gap between them.
Ye olde swimming ole in the Gatineau - Jake about to jump off that rock. O Canada.

Today, thunder predicted. Anna is in the Gatineau hoping the rain holds off, and I'm on my way to spend the day with Do. Hoping, as always, for her genes.


  1. We went to Britannia Park on Monday so the males of the family could swim and cavort in the water. (I didn't bring my suit!) A lovely green place.

  2. One day we'll actually meet, Theresa, rather than shadowing each other through life!