Sunday, July 2, 2017

Toronto glows

The rain stopped, and the evening was glorious. Jean-Marc and I rode our bikes to Nathan Phillips Square, which was packed, with 3 stages set up for music, and where there is now a row of the flags of indigenous nations. JM showed me those proudly, because Richard now works at City Hall and this was one of his initiatives. Richard was not with us last night because he was on CTV, chatting with Lloyd Robertson about Prince Charles's visit. Oh the famous people of Sackville Street.

The crowd was as diverse as it is possible to be - every colour of skin, from the darkest to the palest, many inter-racial couples, many cappuccino-coloured children. A family I watched - the father in long white tunic, the mother in white niqab, her eyes barely showing, their daughter a vivacious young woman in a bright red dress with bright red lipstick. Each new generation moving right along.

And - the work went well yesterday, really well. Also moving right along. Thank you, Canada.

PS. Jean-Marc and Richard have discovered a place on Parliament St. called Tasso, that on the weekend sells incredible croissants and pastries - only in the early morning, until they sell out. My dear neighbours arrived with a basket of flaky deliciousness and the New York Times, and we sat on my deck amidst the flowers, the 3 of us with Carol, my friend and tenant, eating and talking. For hours. With the greenery, the tranquillity, the lavender, and the rich buttery pastries, we could have been in Provence, but we were in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Thank you, Canada.

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