Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Hyperfocus" on Hallowe'en.

It's Hallowe'en. I used to put on other people's clothes for a living, so there's not much fun in it for me and others of my kind. Plus we get 800 or more kids here on my street, pouring north from Regent Park and south from St. Jamestown, an endless stream for hours. It's marvellous and a treat and I did it for 20 years and don't any more. Will cower in the darkness until it's time to go to JM and Richard's for their annual post-Hallowe'en block party.

But we were encouraged to dress up for Carole's class at the Y today. I wore something easy - my plastic Viking Walkure helmet with horns, which was not easy to run in. Carole was a tough biker chick and Margot was a bag of McDonald's fries, very funny. There were some other great costumes among the staff.
That's me in orange and helmet, Margot on the left as fries, Carole below. Some of the others had gone before the pic was taken, including Liam who was inside a hilarious costume that made him look like he was a little guy riding a fat green horse. LOL.

Luckily, there are some who LOVE Hallowe'en. Here they are before going to school this morning. The costumes - ninja, scary skeleton - will be more elaborate tonight.
I've been corresponding with my very right wing friend, though why I don't know, since he will not change his support for Trump and I my loathing. He wrote today: Here’s my prediction. Republicans gain 4 in the Senate and hold the House by 5.

Makes me want to shoot myself. Plus it's gloomy and wet, and dear Bruce just left for New York after a week here. He's incredible, considering that he had a devastating stroke only a year and a half ago. Wonderful to see him trucking around the city visiting theatre friends and colleagues, and now off to NYC to see shows and go to the Met and the Frick to worship at the altar of Renaissance art, as he does everywhere he goes. We are talking about being in Italy together again next year. We'll see.

My left eyeball is no longer neon red. An ophthalmologist said I must have rubbed it and burst blood vessels, it will clear up. And finally it did, now a soft pink. And my hair grew out a tiny bit and looks better, so I am no longer a walking freakish Hallowe'en costume, even without the horns.

Am finishing the book "Hyperfocus" to return it to the library tomorrow. It's about how to get rid of distractions so you can focus on what you need to get done, and also when to employ what he calls "scatterfocus," which means mulling, musing, daydreaming. It's written more for kids who are glued to cellphones than for someone like me, and unfortunately, I was so often distracted that it took me a long time to read it and I can hardly remember what I read. So perhaps not a great success.

PS. 7 p.m.

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