Sunday, February 3, 2019

apologies - and student success story

Please forgive my obsessive whiny posts about brown floors. Am not taking them down so you can see how a mind can torture itself, how decisions can drive a person crazy. How a renovation can reduce a nice, ordinary woman to a snivelling idiot. Sharing it all with you helps preserve my sanity, but I'm not sure what it's doing to yours.

Anna and family coming over today for fish and chips. The reality of small boys. Thank God.

Watched "Three Identical Strangers" last night. What a fascinating, tragic story. Scientific enquiry, gone too far.

Good news today - a student from last year, a marvellous young doctor, recently appeared on CBC's White Coat, Black Art. So articulate and thoughtful.

Another student from the class wrote me this note on FB. Thank you Venetia.
Venetia Butler With your thoughtful encouragement. 
I think four people from our Ryerson Life Stories class have been published thanks to you Beth Kaplan!

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