Thursday, February 14, 2019

one-bedroom basement suite for rent

My basement apartment will be available May 1 - now not a bachelor but a furnished one-bedroom apartment with washer/dryer. At least, that's the hope - that I'll have moved out of that bedroom myself by then. If you know a quiet someone who needs a nice place downtown and can be flexible about time - because who knows when you're @#$@#$ renovating? - please get in touch.

Re Reno-land: Ed just said, if we let any more people up here, we'll have to charge admission. Not only are he and Kevin up high on ladders, mudding and sanding, but today, four Ukrainian window installers are here, plus, for a bit, their very hefty boss. TAK, I am hearing. The old windows dated from 1980 and several no longer closed. Now they're better insulated too. I hope my heating bills reflect that.
 middle bedroom
 my bedroom

Moving right along. We will paint next week, apparently. Still tons to do, however, including the entire third floor which has not even been started yet - big electrician holes in the walls with insulation pellets spilling out. Joy.

But it's sunny, bright hot sun; after the last two wretched days, it's bliss, and thank god, because the windows are out but it's not nearly as cold as it was. Yesterday was particularly appalling - it had rained on the snow, and the streets were awash with slush. (Say that fast.) I got to the Y for Carole's class, but barely, and then came home to shovel. And shovel. Why go to the Y for exercise when you live in Canada, the great northland?

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